Poulton [1st]

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Poulton [1st] (1840-1896)

Opened on the Preston and Wyre Railway, Dock and Harbour.

Opened on the Blackpool Branch (Preston and Wyre Railway, Dock and Harbour).

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This was one of the original stations on the line. By 1890 the southbound platform had become an island platform allowing departures to north and south from the east face of the platform. The original northbound platform was rather short. There was a small goods yard on either side of the line and Poulton Junction to the north where the line to Blackpool North struck west and left the original line north to Fleetwood [1st].

After 1896 the lines were re-routed on a new alignment through Poulton-le-Fylde to bypass avoid a sharp curve on the Blackpool line. The original station continued in use as a goods station, served from the new Poulton No 1 Junction to the south. Connections to the north and west were severed.

The goods depot closed in 1968. The site is now redeveloped for housing.



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