Potterston Junction

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Potterston Junction

Opened on the Ayr and Dalmellington Railway.

Opened on the Coylton Branch (Dalmellington Iron Company).


This junction was a little east of Burnton Viaduct. The main line from Ayr to Dalmellington was single track and the branch to Coylton was also single track. The Coylton Branch (Dalmellington Iron Company) route was approached from the east and turned north, passing through Potterston Junction Loop to run north east by Martnaham Loch to Coylton.

The Dalmellington Iron Company owned the branch and their locomotives made the climb from the branch to Waterside.

The signal box was on the north side of the junction.

The Sundrum pits, north of Coylton, closed in 1934 and the line was cut back to near the junction, where it remained as a siding.

The Coylton line was a useful place to set back a train if required as there was a the long climb from Ayr to Waterside.

The box closed in 1936, it remained standing for a time afterwards.

The main line remains in place, although there is no present coal traffic.

Also known as Potterstone Junction (an older spelling).