Peebles West Goods

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Peebles Goods [CR] (1864-1950)
Peebles West Goods (1950-1959)

Opened on the Symington, Biggar and Broughton Extension Railway (Caledonian Railway).

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This goods yard (which was enlarged in 1906) was to the south of the Peebles [CR] passenger station.

For the main entry for this station see Peebles [CR].

A North British Railway extension to Peebles [NB] made an end-on connection at the east end.

After passenger closure of the route west to Symington in 1950 the goods facilities were re-named Peebles West.

After the line west was completely closed in 1954 access was from the NB station until closure in 1959.

The site has been built over with housing.



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