Overton Paper Mill

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Overton Paper Mill (1827-1927)

Served by the Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway.


This was Walkinshaw and Co^s paper mill in the south of Greenock, served by a steeply graded ^puggy line^ from Berryards Junction, east of the Upper Greenock station on the Wemyss Bay railway. Access to the branch was via headshunts on the south side of the main line, which made a trailing connection at the junction. The branch was sufficiently steep that wagons were required to be propelled uphill to the mill.

The paper mill (and several other concerns) was supplied with water by the Overton Reservoir to the south, itself supplied by a long aqueduct from Loch Thom.

The branch closed around 1923-1929 (the works closed in 1927). The works was partly demolished in 1939.

Also known as Everton originally.


Paper mill


Overton Papermill,Everton Paper Mill