Orton Junction

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Orton Junction (1858-1859)

Opened on the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway.

Opened on the Morayshire Railway.


This was the junction between the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway and the extension of the Morayshire Railway south to Craigellachie [1st]. Both lines were single track and opened in 1858. The junction was south of Orton station and west of the [Boat o' Brig Viaduct] on the main line east to Aberdeen.

A signal box opened in 1858.

'Orton Junction' station was located at the junction. It closed in 1859 when replaced by Orton station to the north. The main line's trackbed from east of Orton Junction and north to Orton, only 1/4 mile north, had been prepared for doubling.

A new route via Longmorn was opened for the Morayshire Railway in 1862 which allowed the older route from Orton Junction to closed in 1866. The signal box is thought to have closed permanently around 1868.

The Morayshire track remained in place, although the junction was taken out, until 1907.

The main line remains open today and is still single track.



Junction station short lived

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