Nook Pasture

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Nook Pasture (1864-1873)

Opened on the Border Union Railway (North British Railway).


Weekend only service on a Saturday, only a southbound train. Some timetables still had the halt after 1873 until the 1880s.

Intriguingly there is a crossover shown at Carl Pool (north of Nook) with possible platforms. The same site later had a hut, but not crossover and no platforms. Use from either direction required reversal. This was perhaps an emergency set of points or left over from doubling in 1862.

The location is north of Pasture Well, by Hirsthead Farm. From here the Pasture Beck ran to Carl Pool on the Liddel Water.

Old Hall, Nook and Brownknowe Farms had the same landowner, an early shareholder called Forster.



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