Moulinearn Crossing

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Moulinearn Crossing (1897-1928)
Moulinearn Crossing (1942-1947)

Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This was a passing loop between Pitlochry station (to the north) and the former Killiecrankie station to the south. To the south is Moulinearn Level Crossing.

The loop had two signal boxes, one at either end on the west side of the line. Both opened in 1897, just in advance of the new Direct Line route, north of Aviemore.

The north box closed in 1911 when taken over by the south box.

The south box closed, with the loop, in 1928.

The loop was reinstated for the Second World War in 1942. There was a single box.

The new box closed in 1947 and the loop closed again.

The line remains open as a single track main line.


Crossing loop Second World War

Chronology Dates

06/05/2001Inverness and Perth Junction Railway
Accident at Moulinearn Level Crossing (the former Moulinearn Crossing). An occupant of a car hit by a train at the crossing later died.


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