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Maxwelltown (1860-1939)

Opened on the Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway.


This was a two platform station to the west of Dumfries. The main station building, of two storeys, was on the northbound (Dumfries bound) platform with a large shelter on the opposite platform. There was no footbridge, there being a road bridge at the north end.

There was a large goods yard, on the west side and approached from the south. The signal box was at the south end opposite the goods yard turnout.

The station opened in a rural location west of Dumfries. The site is now within the western suburbs of the town.

The station closed to passengers in 1939. The goods yard expanded in 1942.

In 1965 the railway closed as a through route west of Cargenbridge Siding (excluded) to Challoch Junction (excluded). Maxwelltown remained on the goods only section to Cargenbridge from Dumfries. The goods yard survived as an oil depot after closure of the 'Port Road'.

The signal box closed in 1967 and the line was singled with the northbound line only being retained.

Traffic to the oil depot and west to Cargenbridge finished in the late 1980s. It closed officially in 1994. Track remained until around 2004.

The station building remains standing and much of the northbound platform. The trackbed is now a footpath.


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28/06/2006Maxwelltown Branch lifted [Railscot]
09/01/2001Maxwelltown branch to re-open in 2002


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