Logans Road Level Crossing

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Motherwell Colliery Signal Box (-)
Logans Road Level Crossing (-)

Opened on the Clydesdale Junction Railway.


This level crossing is north of Motherwell on the direct line to Glasgow.

The crossing was controlled by a signal box which also controlled access to several mineral and works lines. The box was replaced in 1893. This box was on the east side of the line, north of the crossing. There is a footbridge over the crossing, on the south of the road.

To the north, on the west side, was the Motherwell Iron and Steel Works. This was replaced in the Second World War with a works Metropolitan-Vickers [Motherwell], a factory operated by the company on behalf of the Government. The works was rail served from the south east with an exchange yard laid out next to the main line.

To the south were two mineral lines running west from the main line.

The northern of these ran west to North Motherwell Colliery Pit No 1 and North Motherwell Colliery Pit No 2 with a tramway north to North Motherwell Colliery Pit No 3
The second, a little to the south, ran south west to Motherwell Colliery Pit No 2 and Motherwell Colliery Pit No 4.

The Motherwell Bridge and Engineering Works were to be developed on the west side south of the level crossing. These expanded and were to include land previously crossed by the colliery lines after their closure.

The signal box was reduced to a gate box in 1972 and renamed to Logan^s Road, somewhat overdue with the colliery having closue years before. This box was to close in 1984 taken over by the Motherwell Signalling Centre.


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