Kilmarnock Goods Junction

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Kilmarnock Goods Junction (1873-1976)

Opened on the Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway.


This junction gave access, from the north to the joint goods station to the north of Kilmarnock station and connection to Kilmarnock station at Kilmarnock Junction.

After 1926 the junction was controlled by a signal box known as 'Kilmarnock No 1' (second of this name) which replaced both 'Kilmarnock Goods Junction' and 'Bonnyton' boxes (on the neighbouring G&SWR line). Access to the goods branch was from the north west, the Barrhead direction with no direct access from the Crosshouse direction.

In 1976 the box closed, absorbed by the new Kilmarnock Power Box, and access was by a reversing spur from Kilmarnock station parallel and to the north of the running lines. By this stage the siding served J. Walker Kilmarnock.

The joint line approach - the route which remains open north west of the station - was re-aligned. The high embankment between the Dalry and joint routes was removed and the joint route straightened (it formerly kinked to join the Dalry route). The original course of this survived as the reversing spur for J. Walker Kilmarnock.

With the closure of the Johnnie Walker plant the siding was lifted. The reversing spur remains, unused and overgrown.



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