Kennyhill Goods

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Cumbernauld Road Goods (1886-1887)
Kennyhill Goods (1887-1947)

Opened on the The Switchback (Caledonian Railway).


This goods yard was on the west side of the goods only The Switchback (Caledonian Railway). The sidings were approached from the north. It was a goods and mineral depot.

A signal box was located between the north end of the sidings and the main line. This opened with the line and closed in 1947.

The yard remained open until line closure in 1964.

A temporary box was used south of Kennyhill at Haghill around 1914. The box appears on the 1912 OS map along with a siding on the east side of the line, accessed from the south. An underline bridge was stopped up on the east side. Possibly bridge stabilisation works.


Goods sidings

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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
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02/07/1888The Switchback (Caledonian Railway)
Kennyhill Goods opened,