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Hillington Industrial Estate (1937-2005)


This large industrial estate was a factory building Rolls Royce aircraft engines, notably 'Merlin' engines in the Second World War.

The factory was built to increase production of military equipment in anticipation of the expected Second World War. It was laid out on farmland north of the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway and a station called Hillington Halt opened to serve it. To the north of the estate was Renfrew Airport. After the war the estate was taken over by Rolls Royce.

The factory was served by sidings entering from the south from the east end of Hillington West station. These sidings were on the north side of the line and ran parallel as far as the station before entering the industrial site from the south with two groups of sidings, those on the west side serving a coal depot for the works own gas works and continuing on to serve a loading area, and sidings entering the work buildings from the south (via a reversing spur).

Rolls Royce relocated in 2005 and the site remains in use as an industrial estate, now known as Hillington Park.


Hillington Park
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