Hawick North Signal Box

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Hawick North Signal Box (1873-1965)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway).


This signal box controlled the northern approach to Hawick [2nd] station and yard, much of which was built on the site of Hawick [1st].

There were loops on either side of the line north of the station, this box controlling the north end of these. The loops were severed at the north end with the closure of the north box.

To the west were a set of sidings on the south side of the line and a turntable on the north side of the line. A long siding on the south side served the Hawick Gas Works and, by reversal, approached Riversdale Mills and [[Eastfield Mills].

The box was replaced in 1896.

It closed in 1965 and the line in 1969.

After closure, the trackbed has been landscaped into an attractive walkway. To the north of the site of the box along the line there has been much infilling of cutting.

Unlike other sections of closed line there has been little development on the solum and reinstatement north from Hawick to St Boswells is not out of the question.