Gretna Green [1st]

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Gretna Green [1st] (1852-1965)

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Opened on the Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway.


This was a two platform station. The station house still stands in use as a private dwelling.

When opened this was a rural location, the town of Gretna (to the south) not having been laid out yet. Gretna Hall was to the north and Springfield to the north east.

The main station building was on the eastbound platform, with a footbridge at its west end to reach the westbound platform. A goods yard, with shed and loading banks, was laid out to the north, it was approached from the west and had a long headshunt. On the south side were several sidings, also approached from the west and also with a long headshunt. The signal box was on the north side of the line at the station throat.

East of the station a junction was made with the Caledonian Railway at Gretna Junction, that line having its equivalent station Gretna. Via this junction and station the North British Railway could be reached.

Gretna, the modern town, owes much to HM Factory Gretna, a huge armament factory developed as a result of the ^Shell Crisis^ of 1915. The town was laid out to the south of the station.

The station closed in 1965. The line was reduced to a single track in 1973 and the signal box closed. The westbound line was lifted.

A new station, Gretna Green, opened just to the west in 1993. The line was redoubled in 2008.

Unfortunately the A75 Gretna Bypass has resulted in rather a wasteland of roads north of the town separating it from the station.



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