Ferniegair [3rd]

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Ferniegair [3rd] (1876-1916)

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Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.


This was a two platform station located directly south of Ferniegair Junction, the junction signal box being at the north end of the station^s northbound platform. The station building was on the northbound platform with a shelter on the southbound.

The station replaced Ferniegair [2nd] which had been to the north and was only located on the Motherwell route. The opening of the 3rd station coincided with the opening of the approach from Central Hamilton.

On the east side of the southbound platform was a mineral line. The was the northern exit from the Allanton Colliery Pit Nos 1 and 2 and connected to the northbound line of the route to Hamilton Central (rather than Motherwell line). (The colliery^s southern exit was at Home Farm Colliery Signal Box.) After closure of the colliery this became a loop on the east side of the former station.

The formation remained relatively unchanged after closure of the station in 1916. With the closure of Merryton Junction^s signal box in 1949 the line south, from the southern end of the station, ran as two parallel single track lines rather than a double track line.