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Falstone (1861-1956)

Opened on the Border Counties Railway.


This station is in the north of Falstone, a small village in the shadow of the dam for the Kielder Water reservoir. The station had a single platform on the east side of a passing loop with sidings at either end of the platform line.It had a two storey stone station building and signal box, both typical of the line, on the platform (the box to south). The box opened in 1893.

Falstone Mine had its screens by the railway. The mine was on the east side of the extended northern siding of the station. Fortunately the bridge to the north of the station was built for a double track. The mine very short lived, around 1908 to 1914.

The station closed to passengers in 1956 and the railway closed altogether in 1958.

The station building is now a house. It was been extended to the former signal box.

The trackbed can be walked in both directions although just a short way to the north it has been obliterated by the building of the dam for the Kielder Water. The trackbed is underwater northwards through Plashetts as far as Kielder Forest.




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