Falkirk Camelon [1st]

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Falkirk Camelon [1st] (1903-1967)

Opened on the Stirlingshire Midland Junction Railway.

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An island platform station east of the present Camelon station. The lines still part here for the removed platform, which is why there are two bridges over Stirling Road. A bricked up archway can be found below the bridges to the west of the former station. The station building was more Caledonian Railway than North British Railway in style with a timber building with canopies on the sides.

Before the station opened in 1903 the original alignment was roughly between the two bridges and up the centre of the platform. A signal box opened in 1899.

The box was replaced in 1902, the replacement being immediately west of Stirling Road and between the two lines.

Going west from the station were several foundries. On the north side of the line was the Dorrator Iron Foundry. On the south side were, going west, Grange Iron Works, Gothic Iron Works, Carmuirs Iron Works and Central Iron Works [Camelon] , these were served by a siding on the south side of the line between Carmuirs East Junction and Camelon.

The box closed in 1964 and station in 1967.

Camelon station replaces this former station.



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