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Elswick (1889-1967)

Opened on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway.


This was an island platform station west of Newcastle. It served the Elswick Works, situated between the railway and the River Tyne to the south, and the west end of Elswick, largely a housing development for the works.

William George Armstrong's considerable works manufacturing cranes, ordnance, guns, locomotives, ships and more, began in 1845/6 with the Newcastle Craneage Company and the Elswick Works expanded east to Newcastle, a works around a mile long from east to west.

Sidings on the south side of the line between Elswick and Newcastle served the works and there was a considerable internal network. The station itself had a small yard to the south.

The line west was double and then quadrupled as far as Scotswood.

The station closed with Scotswood in 1967. The line west was reduced to two tracks. With the closure of the Scotswood Viaduct in 1982 passenger trains were diverted via Dunston. The line survived as a single track for goods to [Stella North Power Station]] and, latterly, the Ever Ready factory until 1986, officially closing in the 1990s.

The station site is partly landscaped. Much of the trackbed to the east is vacant, with some bridges removed. Track remains as far as William Armstrong Drive from Newcastle Central, disused west of Water Street. To the west road improvemenet have obliterated the railway, but it becomes a footpath before reaching Scotswood.