Dublin Pearse

Location type

Names and dates

Dublin (1834-1854)
Dublin Westland Row (1854-1966)
Dublin Pearse (1966-)

Opened on the Dublin and Kingstown Railway.



Station terminus


04/10/1834Dublin and Kingstown Railway
Locomotive ^Vauxhall^ hauls test train from Dublin to Williamstown [Ireland]. First ^engine hospital^ at Serpentine Avenue.
17/12/1834Dublin and Kingstown Railway
Dublin to Dunleary (Kingstown) opened. First train hauled by locomotive ^Hibernia^. Intermediate station at Blackrock.
  /  /1836Dublin and Kingstown Railway
When the Dock Distillery closes, other distillers contribute to costs of establishing workshops on its site at Lower Grand Canal Street near Dublin station (Grand Canal Street Works). This replaced the original at Serpentine Avenue.
  /  /1854Dublin and Kingstown Railway
Dublin renamed Dublin Westland Row
  /  /1891
Extended north from Dublin Westland Row to Dublin Amiens Street, new station opened at Tara Street and George^s Quay.
01/05/1891City of Dublin Junction Railways
Fully opened between Dublin Westland Row (end-on junction) and Dublin Amiens Street (where additional platforms were laid alongside the existing station, the junction being to the north east).
  /10/1941Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford Railway
Trains from Wexford had used Dublin Harcourt Street, that route bring considered the main line. From this date the coastal route via Dun Laoghaire to Dublin Westland Row becomes the main line.
  /  /1966Dublin and Kingstown Railway
Dublin Westland Row renamed Dublin Pearse.