Dalquharran Signal Box

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Dalquharran Signal Box


This signal box was to the north east of Dailly station. It controlled access to Romilly Colliery and the Dalquharran Tile Works sidings. The box was on the north side of the line at the point of divergence of the sidings which were also on the north side of the line and served from the east.

The Romilly Colliery opened in 1864, not long after the line opened in 1860, and although it is unlikely the box itself opened at this time there was no doubt a siding. The box appears on the OS maps around 1890.

The line was doubled to Dailly in 1894 when the route between Ayr and Girvan was doubled.

The Romilly Colliery closed in 1904 but the box survived until 1958.

The line was singled in 1973.


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