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Dalmonach Print Works (1786-1929)

Served by the Forth and Clyde Junction Railway.


This print works bordered the east bank of the River Leven, just north of the Bonhill Bridge.

The works was rebuilt in 1812 after a fire and grew piecemeal as required. A series of red brick and red sandstone buildings adjoined the river. Ownership varied, largely associated with the company name James Black & Co.

The works was served by a branch of the Forth and Clyde Junction Railway from Jamestown station. This approached from higher ground to the north east and crossed a level crossing to reach the works. The works was the southern extremity of this branch.

The company joined the Calico Printers Association around 1899 and the works closed in 1929.

Parts of the works survived long after closure until demolition around 2010, the site is now housing except for a former schoolhouse (Dalmonach Hall). The last part of the railway branch closed in 1957


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