Crosshill [Ayrshire]

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Crosshill [Ayrshire] (1860-1862)

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Opened on the Maybole and Girvan Railway.


This short lived station was around a mile and a half west of Crosshill itself.

The station was not a success and from 1861 trains only called on Tuesdays. It closed in 1862.

The station appears on the 1859 OS map along with two signal posts to the north and two to the south. The station was below the road bridge. The map shows a building by the road, on the south side of the bridge and east side of the line.

It was south of the later Capenoch Signal Box, itself south of Maybole.

The line was doubled around 1895. There is a retaining wall on the west side, perhaps the side on which the second line was laid.

No trace of the station remains.


Station short lived

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