Coatbridge Central [NB]

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Coatbridge [NB] (1849-1851)
Coatbridge Central [NB] (1871-1951)

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Opened on the Coatbridge Deviation (North British Railway).


This was a two platform station on a raised embankment - the 1871/2 deviation built when the lines with level crossings in Coatbridge were lifted onto bridges.

The Coatbridge Deviation (North British Railway) alignment differed from the original Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway line by being a little to the west - this required a realignment of the Summerlee/Gartsherrie Branch of the Monkland Canal to the west. The original line hugged the west side of Sunnyside Road.

On the original line there had been a short lived station here with few facilities. This was closed for 20 years but reopened with the improvements to the railway.

The new station could never compete with the nearby Coatbridge Central station, of the Caledonian Railway, but at least had platform buildings and a siding to the north.

On both the original and later alignment, a branch to the Summerlee Iron Works came off to the north (aligned to allow trains from the branch to run directly north) and to the south the line crossed both the Monkland Canal and Bank Street/Main Street.

A nearby fountain dedicated to Alexander Whitelaw celebrates the raising of the railway onto the bridge and embankment. Before this, the level crossing was a constant source of traffic delays and problems on the road. It was also the junction for the Sheepford Branch (Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway), the junction was taken out during the rebuilding and a new connection from Langloan East Junction put in.

There was a goods yard to the south of the Monkland Canal bridge, on the west side of the line and approached from the south.

A station building on Sunnyside Road survived passenger closure to be used as the British Railwaymen's Welfare club. Platform level waiting rooms were demolished after closure. The club building no longer stands.



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