Burntisland Aluminium Works

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Burntisland Aluminium Works (1917-2002)

Served by the Aberdour Line (North British Railway).


This works did not produce aluminium but alumina which was then passed on to aluminium works to be converted into aluminium.

Bauxite came by sea to Burntisland docks and was transported to the works by rail. As the size of these vessels became larger the load was transshipped into barges and brought on to Burntisland. Coal was locally sourced in Fife.

Reception sidings were laid out to the west of the works and approached from the east. The works was then reached by reversal.

Alumina could be exported or taken on to Kinlochleven Aluminium Works or Lochaber Aluminium Works (Fort William). Both came to be supplied from the Alcan Terminal at North Blyth. The works shifted to chemical production in 1972.

The railway connection was removed before closure, around 1984. Access to the works had been controlled by Newbiggin Signal Box [2nd].

The site of the works is now housing.

The reception sidings were laid out in an area formerly containing sidings for the Grange Quarry, to the north.


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