Bowhill Junction

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Bowhill Junction (1904-1968)

Opened on the Glencraig, Bowhill and Lady Helen Collieries Railway.


This was the junction for the Bowhill Colliery line where it met the existing branch to Glencraig Colliery, opened in 1898. Both lines were single track mineral lines. Bowhill was to the north east and Glencraig to the north west. A little to the south, over a short viaduct over the River Ore, the branch doubled before joining the mainline at Glencraig Junction.

A North British Railway signal box opened in 1904. The box was on the east side of the line where it doubled to the south of the viaduct. It was taken over by the nearby Glencraig Junction box in 1928.

Bowhill Colliery was closed in 1965 and abandoned in 1968. Glencraig Colliery closed in 1966 and was abandoned in 1968. The line to Glencraig was closed in 1968, however the Bowhill line remained open to access Bowhill Washery which remained in use into the 1980s closing officially around 1990.

Portions of track and the River Ore viaduct remain.