Bonnybridge Junction

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Bonnybridge Junction (1886-1964)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.

Opened on the Bonnybridge Canal Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was a double track junction immediately west of Greenhill Lower Junction. The 1886 Bonnybridge Canal Branch (Caledonian Railway) met the 1848 Greenhill branch of the Caledonian Railway. Going east the Bonnybridge line passed through the northern two platforms of Greenhill Lower station.

To the west Bonnybridge Junction Yard, approached from the east from the branch, was on the north side of the Caledonian Railway.

The 1886 signal box, opened with the branch, was a little way to the south of the junction with Greenhill Lower station's cattle bank sidings just to the north. The Greenhill Lower Junction to Greenhill Upper Junction line was just to the south (and the SCR's goods yard). It was a particularly tall signal box with a timber upper overhanging the brick base. This box also replaced Greenhill Creosote Signal box (for Greenhill Creosote Works on the link between Greenhill Upper Junction and Greenhill Lower Junction) and Greenhill Middle box (between Greenhill South Junction (1st) and Greenhill Lower Junction). Opening of the branch led to several alterations to the layout. This box was one of those unusual boxes controlling two lines approaching a junction but not the actual junction.

The branch was singled in 1929 (southbound line lifted) and closed to passengers in 1930. It remained open until 1964 when the junction box closed.

The main line remains open today and is electrified. The bridge just to the east of the junction has been replaced losing the northern two span which crossed over the Bonnybridge branch line and Bonnybridge Junction Yard approach.