Balavil Signal Box

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Balavil Signal Box (1942-1947)

Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This 1942 wartime signal box controlled a loop on the single track 6 mile section between Kingussie (to the south west) and Kincraig (to the north east). The box was about midway, a little closer to Kingussie around the 2.5 miles north. A siding had been installed here in 1904.

The box was built in brick with a roof sloping back to the rear of the structure.

The box was closed after the war in 1947.

The railway is open, back to being a plain single track again.

Balavil Gate Lodge remains here, built for the level crossing with a dirt road between Balavil House and the River Spey.


Signal box loop Second World War 10/03/2020


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