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Angerton (1862-1952)

Opened on the Wansbeck Railway.


This was a single platform station with a passing loop. The passenger platform was on the north side of the loop and loading banks on the south side. There was a two storey stone built station building and a level crossing at the west end. The loop extended westwards across the level crossing. A short siding off the loop, approached from the east, served a loading bank at the west end of the station.

The loop was altered to provide faster running, the goods line becoming a loop and kink at the west end of the passenger line smoothed. A signal box opened in 1893. The box was on the south side of the line, immediately east of the level crossing.

The station closed to passengers in 1952. The box closed in 1964. The line closed completely in 1966.

The station building survives, in use as a house. Level crossing gate posts survive, as do gate posts on the entry to the goods yard.

To the west of the station the line crosses the two arch Angerton Viaduct.


Angerton Hall is to the north of the former station. Bolam is to the south.


Station level crossing

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