Ewood Bridge and Edenfield

A curious place to put the loo. When I first started using this line in late 1968 the stations had already been destaffed but all the buildings were still in place. In 1970 when the branch was singled all station buildings were demolished except Ewood Bridge, albeit it was by then derelict. The unusual structure above the public toilet block is the toilet for the station house. Another feature I remember from the declining final years was the water running off the hillside, over the platform and onto the trackbed as seen here. The building was demolished after full closure and the platforms removed and have not been replaced since preservation of the line. Mark Bartlett

Location: Ewood Bridge and Edenfield

Company: East Lancashire Railway

Photographer: W A Camwell Collection (Courtesy Mark Bartlett)

Make contact: W A Camwell Collection (Courtesy Mark Bartlett)

Date: 27/05/1972

Image number: 21250

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