Monmouthshire Canal Tramway


  /  /1802Sirhowy Tramroad
Established by Sir Charles Morgan to run from the Tredegar Iron Works to Nine Mile Point, to run via the Monmouthshire Canal Tramway from there to Newport. Tramroads were built by the partners in the iron works to run to the Trevil Quarries and from Nantybwch to the Union Iron Works at Rhymney.
26/06/1802Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Act passed for the Monmouthshire Canal to build a line from Newport to Nine Mile Point and from Risca to Crumlin to join the Beaufort Ironworks Tramway.
  /  /1805Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Opened, excluding Risca to Crumlin.
  /  /1822Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Sirhowy Tramroad
Horse-drawn passenger service starts between Newport and Tredegar.
  /  /1826Rumney Railway
Opened from Rhymney Iron Works to the Monmouthshire Canal Tramway at Park Mile, south of Bassaleg. Gauge of 4 feet 2 inches. Engineer; George Overton.
  /  /1829Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Risca to Crumlin opened.
21/12/1850Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Abercarn opened
21/12/1850Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Terminus opened at Newport Courtybella.
04/08/1852Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Newport Dock Street station opened.
04/08/1852Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Newport Dock Street opened and Newport Courtybella closed.
  /  /1853Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Act passed to bypass the 32 arch Risca Long Bridge which had tight corners on the tramroad at either end.
  /  /1855Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Risca Long Bridge passes out of use.
  /  /1855Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Beaufort Ironworks Tramway
Blaina Branch
Converted to standard gauge and passenger services commence between Newport and Nantyglo [1st].
  /  /1855Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Connections opened; Courtybella Junction to Town Dock, Pillbank Junction to Dock Street, Salutation Junction to Llanarth Street Junction opened.
  /05/1855Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company, Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Eastern Valleys line connected to Western Valleys line at Newport Dock Street.
  /11/1855Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Risca to Nine Mile Point completed.
  /  /1858Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Cwmtillery Branch (Monmouthshire Canal Tramway) opened from Abertillery.
  /  /1872South Wales Railway
After gauge conversion of the South Wales Railway a connection was made at Waterloo Junction to the Monmouthshire Canal Tramway. The trans-shipment station was closed.
01/08/1875Monmouthshire Canal Tramway, Great Western Railway
The Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company gives the Great Western Railway running rights over their system.
01/01/1879Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
South Wales Railway
Park Junction to Gaer Junction opened allowing Western Valleys access to use the main Newport station, High Street.
11/03/1880Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
South Wales Railway
Newport Dock Street closed to passengers but retained for freight. All services now use Newport High Street.
01/08/1880Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Great Western Railway
Act passed for merging the Monmouthshire into the Great Western Railway.
  /  /1885Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Park Mile is quadrupled.
  /  /1893Blaina Branch (Monmouthshire Canal Tramway)
Abertillery re-built further north.
  /03/1898Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Park Mile becomes six tracks.
  /  /1905Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Remains of Risca Long Bridge demolished.
  /  /1907Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Salutation Junction to Llanarth Street Junction (Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company) closed to through traffic.
  /06/1910Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Quadruple track is extended north to Risca.
30/04/1962Blaina Branch (Monmouthshire Canal Tramway)
Abertillery closed.
30/04/1962Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Abercarn closed.
  /11/1997Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
Lime Kiln Junction to Aberbeeg singled.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

Looking the opposite way from my previous shot see image 41577, the electric crossing barriers, installed in 1960, have gone; but rails are still ...
Ken Strachan 20/06/2012
This headshunt for a steel loading point (Alphasteel, IIRC) used to be near the Western end of the loop line from Crindau past wharves on the Usk see ...
Ken Strachan 20/06/2012
View East in Newport, parallel to Cardiff Road (left). The sunken roadway in front of the houses used to be a railway from the River Usk wharves see ...
Ken Strachan 20/06/2012
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Ebbw Junction and Alexandra Dock Sidings. ...
Ewan Crawford //
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Looking south just to the north of Park Junction. ...
Ewan Crawford //
Park Junction; ahead to Ebbw Vale and Machen, left to Cardiff and right to Newport. Centre road is today a stub having been cut back. At the time of ...
Ewan Crawford //
A Railfreight-liveried 37 hauls coiled steel up to Ebbw Vale for tin plating, circa 1988. It is approaching Park Junction - the line in the foreground ...
Ken Strachan //1988
Park Junction signal box controls the junctions of the Ebbw Vale line and the Brecon and Merthyr line (now cut back to Machen Quarry) and the lines ...
John Thorn /03/2007
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This junction, at a level crossing with a signal box and a helpful, friendly signalman, was where the Oakdale line (formerly Hall's Tramroad) joined ...
Ken Strachan //1988
Every abutment tells a story. Just North-West of the current Risca station on the Ebbw Vale line is one end of the former Risca Long Bridge. It was ...
Ken Strachan 13/08/2011
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Looking south at Lime Kiln signalbox. The former loop track is on the left. ...
Ewan Crawford //
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This charmingly painted bridge, over Bridge Street, is just north of Newbridge (Trecelyn) station. The photograph was taken in 2001 before the station ...
Ewan Crawford //2001
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