Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway


This line is closed. The line, dating from 1889, ran from Diatomite beds in Loch Cuithir to a factory at Invertote. Diatomite was extracted for dynamite production.

This was a 2ft gauge tramway in the north of the Isle of Skye, it's course running parallel with the River Lealt. Diatomite was extracted from the bed of Loch Cuithir, to the west, with the line running east to a kiln at a factory located at the bottom of a cliff beside the shoreline.

The product was shipped to the Nobel Explosives works at Ardeer.


  /  /1887Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway
Construction of line and Diatomite factory begins for the Skye Diatomite company.
  /  /1890Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway
Line comes into use.
  /  /1906Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway
Line re-laid - possibly to allow use of locomotive.
  /  /1915Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway
Line and factory closed when men leave at start of First World War.
  /  /1920Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway
Line dismantled.
  /  /1930Lealt Valley Diatomite Railway
Diatomite extraction re-begins at Loch Cuithir by the Skye Mineral Syndicate Company. It halts shortly afterwards.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.