Kinnedar Branch (North British Railway)


In this phase of the line this was a branch of the North British Railway to Oakley Colliery.

Why built

This railway started as the Forth Ironworks Railway, a network of lines serving the Forth Ironworks and its various coal and ironstone mines. On closure of the ironworks ownership was transferred to the North British Railway whose Kinnedar Branch it became serving mines at Oakley Colliery. In the final phase it became the Comrie Colliery Branch from Oakley station with an exchange yard near the junction with the mainline.


This line is closed.


  /  /1869Forth Iron Works Railway
Iron works closed. Line taken over by the North British Railway as the Kinnedar Branch (North British Railway) some time later.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a two platform station. It was built over station road, south of Oakley. There was a goods yard to the west, on the south side of the line and served from the west. The main station building was on the westbound platform, just to the west of the bridge.

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Mark Poustie 23/09/2006
Oakley. The branch to Comrie Colliery (and formerly, to Oakley Colliery) forked off to the right here with extensive BR-NCB exchange sidings. Oakley ...
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Oakley Station looking towards Alloa. The remains of the demolished down platform are on the left immediately behind the wooden fence. Of the up ...
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A desolate looking Oakley yard in 1986 just prior to track lifting, view north towards Comrie Colliery. ...
Grant Robertson //1986
NCB no.5 (Hunslet 3837 of 1953) prepares to leave Oakley Yard with empties for Comrie Colliery on 17 May 1976. ...
Bill Roberton 17/05/1976
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