Benhar Branch (North British Railway)


This branch served the Benhar Colliery, a considerable number of pits and mines to the north west of Fauldhouse and Crofthead station. The original line was a tramway which met an exchange sidings with the Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway. This was replaced with a branch serving the same area.


  /  /1860East Benhar Mine (Fauldhouse)
Opened by Benhar Coal Co (served by the Benhar Branch (North British Railway)).

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Benhar Tramway

This tramway ran from an exchange siding west of Crofthead north north west to Benhar Colliery. It was later replaced with a standard railway.

Crofthead to Benhar

Just to the west of Fauldhouse and Crofthead station the main WM&C line continued west, passing below the Caledonian route, while a branch turned ...
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This colliery was developed by Barr and Thornton. Its opening obliterated the remains of the old mining village of East Benhar. It remained in operation until 1957. The bing and some surface buildings remain.

More details
One and a half miles north west of Fauldhouse in a once intensely mined area of West Lothian stood the small village of East Benhar and its associated ...
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The freight only branch running west and then north from Fauldhouse and Crofthead station until the 1950s served a number of industrial sites along ...
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