Bedlay Colliery (William Baird & Co)


A line from the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway reached the Bedlay Colliery from the south west. Steam locomotives remained until the end to take coal to the exchange sidings, Bedlay Colliery Siding.

The line opened in 1905 from Bedlay Junction reusing the route of an earlier tramway from Leckethill Junction.

The connection was altered late on to allow running to/from the south (and to allow construction of the M73 which severed the line at Bedlay Junction). The exchange sidings, which had been on the old route, were retained.

The colliery and line closed in December 1981, along with the M&K as far as Garnqueen South Junction.


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Bedlay Colliery sunk with three shafts and a railway connection, Bedlay Colliery (William Baird & Co).

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was the junction for 1905 Bedlay Colliery opened on the 1826 Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway. The colliery line was single track and approached from the west. The M&K was double track by the opening of the colliery. A signal box opened in 1909 in the ^V^ of the junction. A little to the east on the colliery branch was an exchange yard. There was a quarry siding ([[Drumcavel Rock ...

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This was the exchange yard for Bedlay Colliery, the colliery steam locomotives picking up empty wagons and dropping off those loaded here for pick up by the railway company.

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Opened in 1905 by William Baird and Company to supply coking coal for the Gartsherrie Iron Works.

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No 17 awaits its next turn at Bedlay. The colliery s in the background right. ...
Andy Kirkham //
No 17 works hard taking a loaded coal train to the Bedlay exchange sidings. ...
Andy Kirkham //
A loaded coal train at Bedlay. ...
Andy Kirkham //
Steam at Bedlay Colliery around 1980. ...
Alistair MacKenzie 15/10/1980
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