UK and Irish signal boxes, National and Heritage Lines, 1981-2022

Delightful signal boxes captured by my camera during travels in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic between 1981 and 2022.
David Bosher

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<h4><a href='/locations/N/New_Holland_Town'>New Holland Town</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/G/Great_Grimsby_and_Sheffield_Junction_Railway_and_Grimsby_Docks_Company_Manchester,_Sheffield_and_Lincolnshire_Railway'>Great Grimsby and Sheffield Junction Railway and Grimsby Docks Company (Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway)</a></small></p><p>New Holland Town signal box on 17th June 1981, one week before the end of services along New Holland Pier and withdrawal of the ferries across the Humber estuary to Hull on 24th June, superseded by the opening of the then new Humber Bridge. Fortunately I was able to enjoy a ferry trip just before they ceased. 1/23</p><p>17/06/1981<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/H/Horsted_Keynes'>Horsted Keynes</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/East_Grinstead_to_Culver_Junction_London,_Brighton_and_South_Coast_Railway'>East Grinstead to Culver Junction (London, Brighton and South Coast Railway)</a></small></p><p>British Railways Standard Class 9F no. 92212 arriving at Horsted Keynes station with a Bluebell Railway service from Sheffield Park to East Grinstead, on Bank Holiday Monday, 6th May 2013.   This was one of the last 9Fs to be built at the ex-GWR's Swindon works and came off the production line in September 1959.   After a stint on the much lamented Somerset & Dorset Line and lines in Wales, it was withdrawn from service after less than 10 years in January 1968 and found its way to Woodham's scrapyard at Barry.   Eventually rescued for preservation, it was not until the early 21st Century that an extensive two years overhaul was taken with the locomotive returning to steam on 11th September 2009.   It is now based at the Mid-Hants Railway. 2/23</p><p>06/05/2013<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/N/North_Weald'>North Weald</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/O/Ongar_Extension_Great_Eastern_Railway'>Ongar Extension (Great Eastern Railway)</a></small></p><p>D7523 at North Weald on the Epping Ongar Railway, deep in rural Essex and part of the LU Central Line until September 1994 (which now seems hard to believe), on 23rd June 2013. 3/23</p><p>23/06/2013<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/R/Ramsbottom'>Ramsbottom</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/East_Lancashire_Railway'>East Lancashire Railway</a></small></p><p>Ramsbottom signal box and level crossing, just to the north of the station, East Lancashire Railway, on 5th April 2016. 4/23</p><p>05/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/H/Hale'>Hale</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Cheshire_Midland_Railway'>Cheshire Midland Railway</a></small></p><p>Hale station on Chester to Stockport line, looking north from the level crossing, on a dismal 7th April 2016.   Trains generally run through from Chester to Manchester Piccadilly although a few occasionally terminate at Stockport.    The signal box is no longer in use. [Ref query 11 January 2019] 5/23</p><p>07/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/C/Crediton'>Crediton</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/E/Exeter_and_Crediton_Railway'>Exeter and Crediton Railway</a></small></p><p>A look back at Crediton signal box, level crossing and station from UK Railtours' excursion to Barnstaple, with coaches providing onward transport to Woody Bay for the short revived section of the narrow gauge Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, on 17th April 2016. 6/23</p><p>17/04/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Barnetby'>Barnetby</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/G/Great_Grimsby_and_Sheffield_Junction_Railway_and_Grimsby_Docks_Company_Manchester,_Sheffield_and_Lincolnshire_Railway'>Great Grimsby and Sheffield Junction Railway and Grimsby Docks Company (Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway)</a></small></p><p>Barnetby East signal box, seen from UK Railtours' excursion from St. Pancras to Cleethorpes, passing on 7th May 2016. 7/23</p><p>07/05/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Barnetby'>Barnetby</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/G/Great_Grimsby_and_Sheffield_Junction_Railway_and_Grimsby_Docks_Company_Manchester,_Sheffield_and_Lincolnshire_Railway'>Great Grimsby and Sheffield Junction Railway and Grimsby Docks Company (Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway)</a></small></p><p>Barnetby West signal box, isolated in the Lincolnshire flatlands, seen from UK Railtours' return excursion from Cleethorpes to St. Pancras, on 7th May 2016. 8/23</p><p>07/05/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Sutton_Baldoyle'>Sutton [Baldoyle]</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/H/Howth_Branch_Dublin_and_Drogheda_Railway'>Howth Branch (Dublin and Drogheda Railway)</a></small></p><p>The derelict signal box at Sutton on the Howth Junction to Howth branch of the DART system in northern Dublin, seen from unit 8123 to Howth about to negotiate the level crossing before arriving at Sutton station, on the evening of 19th June 2016.   It was from outside the station that the Hill of Howth Tramway pursued its circuitous route to Howth until closure on 31st May 1959. 9/23</p><p>19/06/2016<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/L/Llandrindod_Wells'>Llandrindod Wells</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Central_Wales_Railway'>Central Wales Railway</a></small></p><p>Llandrindod Wells signal box on 2nd September 2017.   This used to stand slightly north of the station but after its de-commissioning, it was moved to the southbound platform of Llandrindod Wells station and, though no longer operational, now acts as a small museum to the history of the station on the Heart of Wales Line.  (Note the modern station sign saying only Llandrindod, the station name having changed in 1980.) 10/23</p><p>02/09/2017<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Boat_of_Garten'>Boat of Garten</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/I/Inverness_and_Perth_Junction_Railway'>Inverness and Perth Junction Railway</a></small></p><p>View from class 117 DMU with a Strathspey Railway service from Aviemore to Broomhill arriving at Boat of Garten, on 24th February 2018. An hour or two earlier, my friends and I had been to the summit of the Cairngorm Mountain Railway and, as far as the eye could see, there was nothing but snow, an awesome sight. Yet here at Boat of Garten there was none at all though it was bitterly cold. 11/23</p><p>24/02/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/A/Alnmouth'>Alnmouth</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/N/Newcastle_and_Berwick_Railway'>Newcastle and Berwick Railway</a></small></p><p>Alnmouth signal box, at the north end of the up platform on the evening of 17th June 2018. The branch trains to the historic market town of Alnwick, withdrawn in September 1968, left from a bay platform on the far side of the down platform and went off through where fully-grown trees and bushes now stand in the left background. A short section of this is now the heritage Aln Valley Railway. 12/23</p><p>17/06/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/D/Downpatrick'>Downpatrick</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Belfast_and_County_Down_Railway'>Belfast and County Down Railway</a></small></p><p>Departing from Downpatrick for Inch Abbey, past Downpatrick signal box, Downpatrick & County Down Railway, Northern Ireland on 28th July 2018. 13/23</p><p>28/07/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Ballymena'>Ballymena</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/B/Ballymena,_Ballymoney,_Coleraine_and_Portrush_Junction_Railway'>Ballymena, Ballymoney, Coleraine and Portrush Junction Railway</a></small></p><p>Ballymena signal box, just north of the station on the Belfast bound side, seen from Translink Northern Ireland Railways unit no. 3002 just departed with the ex-12.55 service from Great Victoria Street, Belfast to Londonderry, on 30th July 2018. 14/23</p><p>30/07/2018<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/T/Talacre'>Talacre</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Chester_and_Holyhead_Railway'>Chester and Holyhead Railway</a></small></p><p>Talacre signal box on the North Wales Coast Line, seen from UK Railtours' excursion from Euston to Llandudno Junction behind 68034 passing on 6th April 2019. Talacre station closed on 14th February 1966 and the box, which once controlled access to Point of Ayr Colliery, closed in 2018 and was fenced off. 15/23</p><p>06/04/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Butterley'>Butterley</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/A/Ambergate_to_Pye_Bridge_and_Codnor_Park_Midland_Railway'>Ambergate to Pye Bridge and Codnor Park (Midland Railway)</a></small></p><p>Butterley signal box, Midland Railway Centre on 4th May 2019. Technically now a ground frame, this signal box formerly stood at Ais Gill Summit at an altitude of 1167 ft. above sea level on the Settle & Carlisle Line, between Garsdale and Kirkby Stephen. It was opened on 14th June 1900, replacing an earlier box opened on 2nd August 1875 and was closed on 28th January 1982, finding its way to the MRC at Butterley the following year. 16/23</p><p>04/05/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Sheringham_North_Norfolk'>Sheringham (North Norfolk)</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Cromer_Branch_Eastern_and_Midlands_Railway'>Cromer Branch (Eastern and Midlands Railway)</a></small></p><p>A view through the trees of Sheringham East signal box, North Norfolk Railway, on the evening of Tuesday, 25th June 2019.    This was originally sited by the level crossing (closed 1967, restored 2010) but was moved to the west end of the NNR station's platform 2 in the early 1970s.   After the 2010 restoration of the crossing, it was moved yet again, this time back to its pre-1970s location next to the crossing which will allow platform 3 at the station to become operational again in the future. 17/23</p><p>25/06/2019<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/T/Thorpe-le-Soken'>Thorpe-le-Soken</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/T/Tendring_Hundred_Railway'>Tendring Hundred Railway</a></small></p><p>The signal box at Thorpe-le-Soken station, Essex, on 18th September 2020.  The lines to Clacton-on-Sea and Walton-on-the-Naze diverge just to the east of the station, in which direction this view is facing. 18/23</p><p>18/09/2020<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/A/Abergavenny'>Abergavenny</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/N/Newport,_Abergavenny_and_Hereford_Railway'>Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway</a></small></p><p>View from UK Railtours' excursion from Stevenage to Hereford passing Abergavenny signal box, on the east side of the Welsh Marches Line to the south of the station, at 12.48 on Saturday, 26th February 2022. 19/23</p><p>26/02/2022<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Sutton_Bridge_Junction'>Sutton Bridge Junction</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Shrewsbury_and_Hereford_Railway'>Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway</a></small></p><p>Sutton Bridge Junction signal box, south of Shrewsbury, seen from The Railway Touring Company's return excursion from Hereford to Stevenage,  on the afternoon of Saturday, 26th February 2022. This is where the Severn Valley Railway diverged until closed in 1963 although, of course, the section south from Bridgnorth has been revived as one of the UK's premier heritage lines.  Sadly, the northern section through the popular Ironbridge Gorge remains closed and Ironbridge & Broseley station site is now a car and coach site, another savage act of legalised vandalism. 20/23</p><p>26/02/2022<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/S/Severn_Bridge_Junction'>Severn Bridge Junction</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Shrewsbury_and_Birmingham_Railway_and_Shropshire_Union_and_Canal_Railway_Joint'>Shrewsbury and Birmingham Railway and Shropshire Union and Canal Railway Joint</a></small></p><p>The less photographed face of the iconic Severn Bridge Junction signal box, that stands in the triangle of lines to the south of Shrewsbury station, seen from UK Railtours' return excursion from Hereford to Stevenage rounding the Abbey Foregate spur on the evening of Saturday, 26th February 2022. Grade II Listed, it dates from 1903 and has 180 levers, 89 of which are still working, and is the world's largest operational mechanical signal box. 21/23</p><p>26/02/2022<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/T/Taynuilt'>Taynuilt</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/C/Callander_and_Oban_Railway'>Callander and Oban Railway</a></small></p><p>The signal box at Taynuilt, seen from a service from Oban to Glasgow Queen Street, on 14th September 2022. One of the better-used intermediate stations on the line, the crossing loop was changed to right-hand running in 1987. 22/23</p><p>14/09/2022<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p> <h4><a href='/locations/B/Blea_Moor_Signal_Box'>Blea Moor Signal Box</a></h4><p><small><a href='/companies/S/Settle_and_Carlisle_Line_Midland_Railway'>Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)</a></small></p><p>UK Railtours' excursion passing Blea Moor signal box on the Settle & Carlisle Line, on 3rd October 2015. 23/23</p><p>03/10/2015<br><small><a href='/contributors/David_Bosher'>David Bosher</a></small></p>