Tunnel vision: Victorian railway cut through Dundee Law [The Courier]

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Three vintage bolts found by a householder in a garden to the east side of the former Law Incline (between Dundee Ward Road and the Law Tunnel). Suspected to be screw spikes or track fasteners. They're in not bad shape given line closure in the 1860s. Does anyone know their exact purposes? [Thank you very much for the replies so far. For completeness here are extracts from three replies; 'The left hand one is a chair spike, which was used with a wooden treenail to secure early chairs to wooden sleepers. The right hand one is a bullhead fishbolt. Not too sure about the middle one, some kind of spike or fang bolt?' and from another reply 'the centre fixing could well be a spike for fastening down track' and a further comment 'if the centre spike has an offset head then it is most likely for fixing an early cast flat bottom rail to a wooden sleeper'.]
Location: Law Incline
Company: Dundee and Newtyle Railway
27/03/2010 Ewan Crawford

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