Electrification hope encourages Borders Railway extension ambition [BBC News]

Date: 17/06/2019

The electrification of the Borders Railway would make the viability of extending the route to Carlisle 'far better', according to campaigners. The Scottish government has confirmed it is considering the move on a number of routes around the country. It would help to cut journey times and improve reliability on the line. The Campaign for Borders Rail (CBR) said it believed it would also strengthen its case for taking the line past its current terminus at Tweedbank.

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Electrification hope for Borders rail extension
Train in station

BBC News

It believes the move could make the viability of extending the Borders Railway to Carlisle "far better".

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Activity around the south portal of Bowshank Tunnel on 24 October 2014 seen from alongside the A7. 'Slab track' has already been laid through the 200m tunnel (provided as 'passive provision' for possible future electrification). The double track route through the tunnel is part of a 6.4km dynamic passing loop on the new Borders Railway. [See image 49398]
Location: Bowshank Tunnel
Company: Edinburgh and Hawick Railway (North British Railway)
24/10/2014 John Furnevel
A look along the platforms at Tweedbank on 12 September 2018. During the day anyway trains come and go from Platform 1 while a set is stabled at Platform 2. In Waverley Route days the idea of a station here would have been laughable; the settlement of Tweedbank wasn't launched until the early 1970s.
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50011 (50046) brings up the rear of 'Pathfinder Tours 'The Waverley Re-Union' from Birmingham New Street to Tweedbank.
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