Borders Railway's success 'sustained' [BBC News]

Date: 26/02/2018

A study of the Borders Railway's second year has shown its 'sustained, positive and measurable impact', according to Transport Minister Humza Yousaf. He was responding to new research into the Edinburgh to Tweedbank line which opened in September 2015. Mr Yousaf said it proved that communities were benefiting along the length of the route.

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Borders Railway's success 'sustained'
Borders Railway

BBC News

The transport minister says a study of the route's second year shows its "positive and measurable impact".

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158 from Edinburgh arriving to form the 10.29 ex Tweedbank at Platform 1. The 158 on platform 2 is there for much of the day.
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A (late running) southbound train at Stow on 27 December 2016.
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The first houses in the proposed new town of Shawfair are just going up, but they are nowhere near Shawfair station. Mind you, nothing is near Shawfair station which in addition seems deliberately hard to get to. The upside is that you'll never have people in the way of your shot. A Tweedbank service calls on the afternoon of 16th February 2018.
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