Flying Scotsman: Trespass warning for Scotland tour [BBC News]

Date: 10/05/2016

A safety warning has been issued ahead of the arrival in Edinburgh of the world-famous steam locomotive the Flying Scotsman. It will be hauling special services in the Lothians, the Borders and Fife this weekend. Its return to the tracks follows a 10-year refurbishment and has generated huge excitement among rail enthusiasts. Previous tours in the north of England were marred by trespassing incidents and overcrowding on station platforms. During the famous steam engine's inaugural run earlier this year, some over-enthusiastic fans put themselves in danger.

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Flying Scotsman tour trespass warning
Flying Scotsman

BBC News

A safety warning about trespassing on railway lines is issued ahead of a tour by the Flying Scotsman of stations in the Lothians, the Borders and Fife.

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4472 Flying Scotsman with twin tenders attached approaching Scemerston, Northumberland, with a special in the late 1960s.
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