Wemyss Bay Shed

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Loco shed

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Wemyss Bay Shed (1865-1927)

Opened on the Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway.


This engine shed was on the west sde of the railway just north of Wemyss Bay station, north of the bridge over the A78.

It was built on a cramped site between the line and the road. IT was a single road shed with a signal box built on its east side next to the line. Entry into the shed was via the turntable, reached by a reversing spur which was approached from the A78 bridge.

The signal box was replaced with another on the same site in 1896, the start of the doubling of the railway.

The shed closed in 1927. The turntable remained in use and building was demolished.

The box closed in 1935 when the box at Wemyss Bay took over.


Locomotive shed

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