Tulligarth Signal Box

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Tulligarth Signal Box (1944-1961)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.


This signal box opened in 1945, replacing a temporary box of 1944. The box was for the siding to Tulligarth Colliery Pit No 2, on the south side of the line and east of the Black Devon Viaduct. The colliery predated the boxes and was expanded around 1935-45. The western part of the site had the Cherryton Brick Works. The signal box was on the south side of the junction for the siding which ran east.

The 1961 OS map shows the colliery demolished and sidings cut back to a short turn out from the railway.

The box closed in 1961, the line was singled in 1973 and closed in 1982.


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