Trinity [2nd]

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Trinity [2nd] (1846-1917)
Trinity [2nd] (1919-1925)

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Opened on the Edinburgh, Leith and Granton Railway.


This was a two platform station with the main station building on the southbound (Edinburgh bound) platform, now a house.

The station building is two stories as viewed from the former approach road and a single storey facing the platform, due to the rising ground immediately to the north of the station.

There was a small coal depot on the east side of the station, approached from the south. This was closed around the time of the Great War.

To the south is Trinity Tunnel and beyond that was Trinity Junction.

Following closure to passengers the line was reduced to a single track, the southbound line being lifted. Just south of the station the track slewed and the northbound line was lifted.

The line is now a footpath. The platforms and station building remain.

To the south is the Lennox Row Bridge which crosses the lined cutting of the former railway.

Trinity Chain Pier was located just to the north.


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