Tarbrax Junction

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Tarbrax Junction (1869-1950)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.


This was the junction for the Tarbrax Oil works. The line had a facing connection from the southbound line of the Caledonian Railway south of Cobbinshaw Reservoir.

There was a signal box on the west side of the line. The branch was single track and main line double track. There was a loop on the branch close to the junction.

Woolfords Mine was just to the south, on the west side of the line with sidings approached from the north. Further on was Viewfield Coal Pit on the south side, alongside a short loop.
Beyond this the line divided into two portions, the original route continuing south east to Tarbrax Oil Works and newer going north east to South Cobbinshaw Siding (serving a brick works) and South Cobbinshaw Colliery.

The signal box closed in 1937. The oil works had closed about 1920.