South Cobbinshaw Branch (Caledonian Railway)


This short minerals branch ran from near Cobbinshaw round the south end of Cobbinshaw Reservoir to South Cobbinshaw Colliery and the Tarbrax Oil Works.


  /  /1867South Cobbinshaw Branch (Caledonian Railway)
South Cobbinshaw Branch authorised. This served the Tarbrax Oil Works.
  /  /1869South Cobbinshaw Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Line opened.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

South Cobbinshaw Branch

This was the junction for the Tarbrax Oil works (opened 1864). The line had a facing connection from the southbound line of the Caledonian Railway south of Cobbinshaw Reservoir.

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