North Blyth Alcan Terminal

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North Blyth Alcan Terminal

Opened on the North Blyth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway).


This alumina import terminal was opened in 1970, reconditioned in 1990.

Alumina imported here was taken by rail to Lynemouth Aluminium Smelter and is taken by rail to Lochaber Aluminium Smelter (Fort William).

The approaching line is single track with a rounding loop to the north of the terminal.



Chronology Dates

11/04/2011North Blyth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway)
GB Railfreight hires Deltic 55022 Royal Scots Gray to operate the North Blyth Alcan Terminal to Lynemouth Aluminium Works short distance run. (The locomotive also made the run to the Lochaber Aluminium Works near Fort William.)