Newington [NBR]

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Newington [NBR] (1884-1962)

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Opened on the Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway.


This was an island platform station. The island was accessed by steps down from Mayfield Gardens/Craigmillar Park at the east end and by a footbridge and path on the north side of the line which ran to Mayfield Road to the west. The station building on the platform was originally fitted with canopies.

There was no goods yard alongside the station but there were two substantial yards to the west, (Newington Goods and further west Newington Stone Yard), both on the north side of the line and served from the west.

Due to the proximity to Holyrood Park Newington Goods was used as a passenger station for military reviews in both 1905 and 1907. A temporary box was used on the Newington passenger station platform. This broke the section between Blackford Hill and Cameron Toll Signal Box.

The station closed in 1962.

The island survived closure for many years but has been removed. The tracks still part as if passing round the platform.

The Pow Burn crosses the line by an aqueduct just west of Mayfield Road.