Milltimber [2nd]

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Milltimber [2nd] (1892-1937)

Opened on the Deeside Railway.

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This was a two platform station with the main station building on the eastbound platform and a goods yard to the west, on the north side, served from the east.

The station was originally a single platform Milltimber [1st], on the north side of the line. This platform was located at the later goods yard - the station was relocated to the east clear of the sidings.

The line was doubled in 1892. A signal box opened at the west end of the eastbound platform, looking out over the goods yard turn out. This box had an series of closures and re-openings. It closed in 1915, re-opened in 1919, closed in 1926, re-opened in 1932 and finally closed in 1937.

The station closed with the end of the local suburban service in 1937 but the line remained open. This led to the final closure of the box.

The line was singled in 1951, the westbound line being lifted.

The line closed completely in 1967.

The platforms remain and modified station building on the eastbound platform.


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