Lower Haywood Signal Box

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Lower Haywood Signal Box (1872-1928)


This signal box (1872) was on the double track section east of Haywood station on the 1860 Wilsontown Branch (Caledonian Railway). It was on the south side of the line opposite Haywood Colliery Pit No 10 (which was served by a loop).

There was a branch to the south west serving Haywood Colliery Pit No 4 and Cleuch Colliery.

Another branch ran first south east and then south to serve Pool Colliery.

Haywood Colliery Pit No 14 was to the east on a loop on the north side of the main line.

The box closed in 1928. The railway was singled in 1946. The branch south west closed in the 1950s and that to the south in the 1920s. The line closed to passengers in 1951 and completely in 1964.

The trackbed is now a dirt road.


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