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Lindean (1856-1951)

Opened on the Selkirk and Galashiels Railway.


This was a single platform station on the south bank of the Ettrick Water just south of Ettrick Bridge where a road ran east to the Lindean estate. To the west was Lindean Smithy and Lindean Mill, a corn mill with a mill lade. 'Lindean' described more an area than a village or town.

The timber built platform was on the west side of the line north of a level crossing. The on platform building was a small timber building. Behind this, to the north west, was a railway cottage.

There were two sidings, on the east side of the line and approached from the north. That lying next to the line was converted into a loop for several years.

The Ordnance Survey Name Book described it thus

A railway Station, in the line between Selkirk & Galashiels, distant, four Miles from the latter place.

After closure to passengers in 1951 the platform was reduced to a mound and station building reduced to a small shed.

The line closed in 1964.

After closure the A7 was rebuilt to use the former railway's trackbed. As a result nothing now remains of the station except the former railway cottage ('Station Cottage').

Although Lindean village has expanded since the closure of the line it remains a small settlement.


Lindean Mill Glass



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