Kirkwood Signal Box

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Kirkwood Signal Box (-1928)


This signal box was east of Bargeddie and controlled access to a mineral line which ran south to Kirkwood Colliery Pit No 1, Kirkwood Colliery Pit No 2, Kirkwood Colliery Pit No 3 and Kirkwood Colliery Pit No 4.

These collieries were to the east of the Drumpellier collieries.

Access was from the east directly or from the west via a reversing siding on the south side of the line. The signal box was on the north side of the line opposite the connection. This box was replaced in 1906 with another box slightly further east and the reversing spur line turned into a loop.

The box closed in 1928, replaced with a ground frame.

The main line remains open today as an electrified double track line between Rutherglen and Coatbridge.

To the immediate west the line crosses the Luggie Glen on a viaduct.

Today's Kirkwood station is to the east, further east than Bargeddie station to the west.


Junction signal box

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